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一、為確保資料安全,應用下載提供的檔案皆為加密的「RAR檔」,安裝前請確認手機內是否有安裝解壓縮軟體App程式,若沒有的話,請先至商店搜尋 RAR App 並安裝使用。


MoboMarket Apk for Android (Latest Version)
MoboMarket Apk

Android Market App 推薦 – MoboMarket Apk Download: MoboMarket App 是一款相當好用的 Android 市場,在這個 App Market 裡收錄了相當多實用的工具及手機遊戲,若在 Google Play 找不到想要的應用程式的話,推薦下載這個 App 來試試看喔 。



A Better Android Market. A New Android Experience!

Discover Popular Apps & Games Around You
Want to know what is popular among your local areas? MoboMarket has the Top List. Tell MoboMarket where you are, you will have a list of popular Apps & Games, served in your native language.

New Excitements Everyday
Our professional editors picks nice Apps & Games and recommend to you. Click download and bring them to your Android. You will always have something new to play.

App Download, Backup, Access Files and More
Besides App Download & Game Download, MoboMarket gives you full control over your Android phones. All files will be easy to access with MoboMarket. Keep backups to contacts and important files in a personal places like your PC.

About MoboMarket, formally named, is an Android sync software and application developer. Since it was established in 2011, we have been striving to develop and publish high-quality Android sync software for PC and Android applications. MoboMarket helps users improve their Android use experience by providing convinent contact backup, App backup, cross-platform contact transfer and many other useful Android tools, as well as helps users to download and discover more interesting Apps picked by our dedicated editor’s team.’s diverse product portfolio includes:

MoboMarket for PC – All-in-one Android Smartphone PC manager.
MoboMarket for Android – The One-Stop Application Store for Your Android.
MoboMasrket for iOS (for Vietnam Only) – Best App Store for iOS.

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MoboMarket Apk

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1. 本篇僅提供「MoboMarket apk」下載,本站其它所推薦的 Android Apk 應用程式及遊戲檔案皆為免費版本,可供個人免費使用。
App4apk only share the original Apk installer. All the android apps & games here are free for personal use only.

2. 若有任何的下載行為侵犯了您的版權,請聯絡本站。
If any Apk downloads infringes your copyright, please contact us, we will delete it any way.

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【軟體性質】:免費軟體 (Freeware)
【運行平台】:Android 安卓
【檔案大小】:6.53 MB



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