Dark Summoner 下載 1.09.02 (黑暗召喚師) for Android Apps

Dark Summoner 黑暗召喚師 Apk for Android
Dark Summoner App

日本遊戲 App 推薦 – Dark Summoner Apk 下載: Dark Summoner App (日版黑暗召喚師) 是一款相當熱門且好玩的手機卡牌遊戲,在遊戲中玩家扮演的是一個黑暗召喚師,透過任務除了賺取寶物之外還可以得到魔物,並且利用這些魔物來提升暗黑軍團的力量,若沒有玩過暗黑風格卡牌手遊的人,推薦下載來玩玩看喔。



Dark Summoner is set in a multidimensional world known as “Triaterra”,
where a war between rival factions has plunged everything into chaos…
In the role of a Summoner, you must call forth Monsters and creatures from distant dimensions to join your army and fight for you in Missions and Events.
Battle other players in the Arena and make friends in Clans, where you cooperate with your Clan comrades to fight your way to the No. 1 spot and the glory that comes with supremacy!
[Gorgeous Monster Illustrations!]
Dark Summoner boasts Monster illustrations of outstanding quality by many famous Japanese and international artists!
More than 4,000 Monsters available!
Realistic, alluring, grotesque… A myriad of awesome Monsters to acquire!
[Command Great “Sentinels” in the Clan League!]
Battle alongside your Clan mates against enemy Clans in the Clan League!
Combine your Monsters with those of your Clan comrades to create giant “Sentinels”.
Utilize various Abilities you learn as you skill up and knock out your opponents’ Sentinel!

Dominate the frequently held “Ranked Brawls” to acquire both handsome reward and glorious honor!
[Strategic Battles]
Bolster your army with the Monsters of your choice and lead them into Battle!
Combos, Skills, and equippable Items known as “Relica” are just some of the keys to victory!
Find your own strategy and out-play your opponents!
[Frequently Held Events]
Battle, Raid, Foraging, and many more exciting Events held frequently!
Join Events for a chance to win exclusive Monsters and lots of Monster enhancement Items!

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黑暗召喚師 App

Dark Summoner Apk 下載

Dark Summoner Apk 下載

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1. 本篇僅提供「黑暗召喚師 Dark Summoner 」下載,本站其它所推薦的 Android 應用程式及遊戲檔案皆為免費版本,可供個人免費使用。
We only share the original installer. All the android apps & games here are free for personal use only.


2. 若有任何的下載行為侵犯了您的版權,請聯絡本站。
If any downloads infringes your copyright, please contact us, we will delete it any way.

◢   檔案下載資訊

【遊戲名稱】:Dark Summoner 黑暗召喚師
【遊戲性質】:免費遊戲 (Freeware)
【運行平台】:Android 安卓 / iOS 蘋果
【檔案大小】:43.3 MB
【商店下載】:iOS下載 (iTunes)
【商店下載】:Google Play


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