Dragon Striker Apk Download 142 for Android Apps,好玩的韓國 RPG 手機遊戲

Dragon Striker Apk for Android
Dragon Striker Apk Download

韓國手機遊戲 App 推薦 – Dragon Striker Apk 下載: Dragon Striker App 是一款韓系的戰鬥冒險 RPG 手遊,這款遊戲的特色就是可以讓玩家帶著最強的寵物一起冒險,並利用自動冒險模式及自動成長模式等系統來快速提升角色及寵物等級,喜歡寵物 RPG 類型遊戲的人可以下載來玩玩看喔




A grand new adventure has begun!
Step through the doors of Spirit World and explore a world full of epic adventures, timeless battles, and clash with 7 legendary dragons. Capture, gather, and assemble your team of companions to execute visually stunning special moves against mobs of mystical monsters. Ravage and plunder friends’ and enemies’ bases in the ultimate Conquest War for precious resources to strengthen your highly skilled battalion of companions.

◆◆◆Dragon Striker Features◆◆◆

• Enter an adrenaline-rising Action RPG filled with vibrant visuals and non-stop combat!
• Slice, shoot, and blast mobs of minions as you fight your way to slay the 7 legendary dragons of the Spirit World
• Summon legendary allies to take on fearsome enemies
• Traverse the Spirit World through lush forests, arid deserts, magnificent volcanos, frigid glaciers, and into the deepest, darkest dungeons

■Dominate friends and foes in an EPIC Conquest War
• Raid your friends’ and enemies’ bases to plunder rare resources to strengthen your team
• Use your companions to defend your base against rivals

■Level Up on The Go!
• Strengthen your team with a never-before-seen 24 hour auto-battle system
• The game will auto play itself making countless hours of tiresome grinding a thing of the past


◢ 遊戲畫面截圖

Dragon Striker Apk Download

Dragon Striker App

Dragon Striker App

◢   注意事項

1. 本篇僅提供「Dragon Striker 」下載,本站其它所推薦的 Android 應用程式及遊戲檔案皆為免費版本,可供個人免費使用。
We only share the original installer. All the android apps & games here are free for personal use only.


2. 若有任何的下載行為侵犯了您的版權,請聯絡本站。
If any downloads infringes your copyright, please contact us, we will delete it any way.

◢   檔案下載資訊

【遊戲名稱】:Dragon Striker
【遊戲性質】:免費遊戲 (Freeware)
【運行平台】:Android 安卓 / iOS 蘋果
【遊戲語言】:繁體中文版 / 英文版
【檔案大小】:43.57 MB
【商店下載】:iOS下載 (iTunes)
【商店下載】:Google Play


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